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Our Household


I began my early education career by owning a daycare center from 2015 to 2017. For personal and financial reasons we chose to change to a home-based setting. So in March 2018 I began filing with NYS to license Cozy Corner. After three months of tons paperwork and training classes, we got our approval in June!!!

I'm currently attending Empire State in order to further my education in early childhood education. I also spend most my free time (I know what's that) in training classes or reading articles pertaining to early education.


My daughter is the energizer battery bunny- impossible for her to sit still for even two seconds. She's my rolling in the mud, catching bugs, getting all messy pretty pink princess. She loves being my "Assistant" and takes her role very seriously. Her favorite part is helping care for those younger, she has a very motherly soul.


My youngest and such a giggle monster. He's always trying to keep up with his two sisters and doesn't let them exclude him from games. He's  very passionate and compassionate, is known to crawl over to crying babies and tries to hug, kiss, and soothe them. Spoiled by his elder sister and loves cuddle parties!


My first little. Shes very friendly and loves children, but can get a bit protective of them when new stranger adults are around. Jasmine is our vacuum cleaner after snacks and lunch so she loves being part of our preschool program. On nice warm days we all go for neighborhood walks.

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