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  • Welcome to Cozy Corner
    Dear Parents, Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Cozy Corner. I take pride in my decision to provide a top quality in-home preschool program and appreciate the trust you are placing with me. Please read this handbook and use it as a guide in understanding my childcare program and the policies, programs, and practices that I operate under. If you have any questions concerning my policies and procedures, please feel free to contact me. I am excited to partner with you in helping your child to grow in the most fundamental ways. First and foremost, I am dedicated to establishing values in each child through words, actions, and lessons. I’m steadfast in my commitment to promote the growth of the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of every child in my care. Finally, I strive to provide the best program that will prepare them for their next step, elementary school. Know that your child will be loved and well taken care of while in my care. I am here for you and your family anytime you need me. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can best serve you. Thank you again for choosing Cozy Corner. I look forward to getting to know you and your child. Hetal Patel
  • Program Philosophy
    I believe that children grow and learn best in a safe environment that provides opportunities to explore, create and communicate with other children and adults. These groups function independently but cooperatively, following routines appropriate to individual needs. My program is designed to include both planned and spontaneous activities in response to children’s interests. Experiences with music, movement, art, language and building are incorporated into daily plans. Regularly scheduled snacks and meals, rest time, indoor and outdoor play, and routines in physical caregiving promotes the child’s health, comfort and ability to care for his/herself. There is maximum flexibility for the children as a group and as individuals. Children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image, to learn inner controls and to cooperate with peers. Clearly defined limits help them recognize and accept their emotions and express their feelings as they grow and feel secure in the world around them.
  • Center Hours
    Cozy Corner is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. Children must be picked up by 5:30 pm. A late fee of $10.00 is assessed every 5 minutes, beginning promptly at 5:30 pm. The late pick-up fee will be automatically charged to your account.
  • Closed Holidays
    Follows Webster School District Calendar for all holiday closings. We will be remaining open for conference and testing days. While these are the days I am “officially” closing, there may be some I may be able to work still if you still need care. September 5 Labor Day October 10 Columbus Day November 11 Veterans Day November 23-25 Thanksgiving Recess December 26-January 2 Winter Recess January 16 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day February 20-24 Presidents' Day/Feb. Recess April 3-7 Spring Recess May 29 Memorial Day June 19 Juneteenth Holiday
  • Sick & Personal Days
    As strong as my immune system has become over the years, I unfortunately still get sick from time to time. Because of this I allot myself 10 sick/personal days per year. I also use these days for my continuing education classes (CPR, Pediatric First Aid, Additional Trainings etc) to keep my childcare license in good standing. November 25th for TRAINING February 23rd for MEDICAL March 3rd for TRAINING June 30th for MEDICAL Of course, I will give you as much of a notice as possible for additional days.
  • Parent & Guardian Code of Conduct
    For the health of all children, parents and my family, smoking is prohibited in the building and on the premises. Weapons, fire arms, and ammunition are prohibited in the building and on the premises at all times. The possession and consumption of Alcohol is prohibited in the building and on the premises. Our facility and grounds are also a nonsmoking area.
  • Registration
    Upon registration, your account will be billed a one-time registration fee ($50) and a security deposit (last two week’s tuition). Payment is required to secure your child’s enrollment in our program. If you decide not to begin enrollment, your registration fee and security deposit will not be refunded. Upon registration and throughout enrollment, parents must notify me in writing of any special needs, including but not limited to allergies, medical conditions, dietary restrictions and disabilities; such knowledge is necessary to provide proper care for your child. Your child's spot is not secured until I have received the deposit, the signed Parent-Provider Contract, and Enrollment application. The medical statement is due before first day of care and needs to be updated after each doctor well-visit. The security deposit will be credited towards the last two weeks of your child's enrollment. Note: Please make checks payable to Cozy Corner.
  • Schedule Changes
    You may add additional days to your child’s current schedule, provided that space is available and your account is paid up-to-date. Please call or email me as soon as you know that you will need child care for an additional day. If you add a day, your account will be charged the additional daily rate per day. Once your account has been charged, refunds will not be issued for any reason. You may make permanent schedule changes with a two-week written notification if space is available. The schedule changes may not be granted in instances when the new schedule conflicts with enrollment waiting lists and typical enrollment patterns.
  • Payment
    Payments are due Monday prior to start of care. If your payment is late, a late fee of $5.00/day will be automatically charged to your account. If your account is more than two weeks past due, we reserve the right to deny your child’s admission. Payment methods: Cash, personal check, or Brightwheel Direct Deposit if paying bills online. Checks: Please indicate your child’s first and last name on your check and the week of care. Checks returned unpaid from your bank will result in a $35 Returned Item Fee billed directly to your account. Appropriate late payment charges will also apply. Tuition Rates are due regardless of attendance or closings.
  • Trial Period
    The first two weeks will be regarded as a trial period, in which case either party may terminate the contract without notice. After the first 2 weeks of enrollment, a 4 week written notice from parent or provider is required to terminate the contract, with the exception of gross misconduct on part of the provider, parent, or child. This is grounds for immediate discontinuation of service. In cases of non-payment, legal action may be taken, and the parents will pay all legal fees incurred.
  • Termination Notice
    If you will no longer be needing our childcare services, 4 weeks advanced notice needs to be given to us. Whenever possible even more notice is better. This helps us tremendously. Reason being, unlike childcare centers we can only care for a limited number of children. So when we are full we are forced to say NO to all incoming requests for childcare. If we have advanced notice of discontinuation of needed services, then it is possible for us make future arrangements with new family’s inquiring about daycare for their child. This helps to keep our open spots fluctuation to a minimum, and helps us to focus more on being the best childcare providers we can be, instead of worrying about “the bills”, and putting food on the table.
  • Check In & Dismissal
    Parents should bring their child directly into the facility and make sure that the caregiver is aware of the child's arrival. Only the people who are on the approved list will be allowed to pick the child/children up, unless, I receive written or verbal permission from the parent before the time of pick up. If the individual designated to pick up the child is someone whom we have not met, they will be required to provide identification for the child's release or the child will not be permitted to leave the center.
  • Daily Health Check
    Upon arrival, each child shall be observed by a staff member for symptoms of illness. Any evidence of unusual bruises, cuts, or burns shall be noted in the Medical Log Book. For the health and safety of your child and all the children in our daycare, please do not bring your child to daycare sick. In which case, we in turn may become sick making it difficult to care for the children at the high standards that we have set for ourselves. We can only care for children with mild cold like symptoms that are otherwise feeling and acting well. Mild cold like symptoms are clear runny nose, slight cough, and a slight or no fever. If you are not sure if your child should be brought to daycare, then please call and check with us. If a child becomes ill during daycare hours, the parents will be contacted to pick up their child. Parents need to pick up their children within one hour of being notified. If parents are not available, the emergency contact person will be notified. Continual disregard of health policies will be ground for termination of care.
  • Sickness & Illnesses
    A child with any of the following illnesses must be completely free of any symptoms before returning to daycare. If the child is taking antibiotics for an illness, the child may return to daycare after the initial 24 hours of beginning antibiotics as long as he or she has a slight to no fever (under 100F under the arm), no longer contagious, and is otherwise feeling well enough to participate in our daily schedule. Signs of illness include the following; unusual lethargy, irritability, persistent crying for no reason, runny nose (more than clear), cough (more than slight), difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, mouth sores, rashes (note from doctor stating non-contagious is ok), pink eye, chicken pox, mumps, measles, roseola, hepatitis A, impetigo, lice, ringworm, scabies, strep throat, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, shingles, and any other contagious disease or rash. Any child with a fever of 100 degrees or above, orally (in the mouth), forehead, or axillary (under the arm), may not attend daycare. State law requires that we notify parents of children who have been exposed to certain contagious diseases. Please notify us if your child becomes infected, so a note can be posted. We may require a doctor’s note stating the child is now well enough to be in care.
  • Accidents & Injuries
    Injuries are recorded on an injury form at the time of the accident/injury. The Medical Log Book is available upon request for parental review. Parents will be notified of the injury via BrightWheel and when the child is picked up.
  • Mandated Reporters
    Child care Professionals are mandated by law to log and report any suspected incidents of possible child abuse or neglect. An abused child or maltreated child means a child defined as an abused child or maltreated child pursuant to section 412 of the Social Services Law. If you suspect a child has been harmed or is at risk, please dial 1-800-342-3720, to report what you have seen or heard. You can make a difference. For more information, please go to:
  • Immunizations & Physicals
    All children who attend child care programs in New York are required by law to be fully vaccinated. Immunization Waiver and Medical Contraindication forms are available for those who wish to file an exemption to this law. A Childcare Medical form is required prior to enrollment. This form shows a record of your child's immunizations and date of last physical examination. Records must be kept up to date, Please provide new forms after every well or sick visit.
  • Emergency Medical Procedures
    If a medical emergency arises, the provider in charge will first attempt to contact the child's parent/s, and then, if parent/s cannot be reached, will attempt to contact the child's designated emergency contact person. If contact is unsuccessful, and immediate medical attention is necessary, I will contact 911 and an ambulance will be called. I will continue to try to contact the parent/s or emergency contact person. Off premises injuries will be handled in the same manner. The Parent/s will be held responsible for all incurred fees related to the injury requiring any outside attention.
  • Medications
    Our center is certified to administer medication. No prescriptive medication or non-prescriptive medication such as, but not limited to, aspirin, cough medicine, or nose drops may be given to a child under the following conditions: A signed, dated, written authorization of the parent is on file. Prescription medication is in the original container and labeled with the child's name, name of drug, dosage, and directions for administering, date, and physician's name. Dosage amounts and times cannot be changed without a doctor's written permission given to the staff. Nonprescriptive medication must be in the original container, labeled with the child's name and includes the dosage and directions for administering. A written report, including type of medication given, dosage, time, date, and the name of the person administering medication shall be kept in the center medical log. Medication shall be kept inaccessible to children, by means of a labeled, covered container. Medication can only be kept at the Center for the time it is to be given. Medication requiring refrigeration shall be kept in a designated separate covered container, clearly labeled, "medication".
  • Guidance Policy
    It is the caregiver’s responsibility to, as much as possible; prevent discipline problems through behavior guidance that helps the child to acquire a positive self-concept. They will model appropriate behavior through vocal tone and actions. Activities should be interesting and stimulating to encourage child participation. Positive reinforcement will be used to encourage cooperation and achievement. When necessary, redirection, setting clear limits, and change of activity will be used to remove an uncooperative child from a situation.A “time-out” is always the absolute last resort and only used to contain unsafe situations. In the event that time-away is used, I will always be within sight and hearing of the child. A time-away will be used when a child is in danger of causing injury to him/herself or to others. When spitting, hitting, kicking, and biting happens, it will be discussed, time away will be used and both children will be given an opportunity to express their feelings. The maximum time allowed for a timeaway will be one minute per year of age. Discipline and behavior guidance used will, at all times, be constructive, positive, and suited to the age of the child. Prohibited punishment for misbehavior include, but are not limited to: Spanking, hitting or other corporal punishment; verbal abuse or derogatory remarks; tying, binding or confining; withholding or forcing foods or naps; punishing for lapses in toilet training, even at the request of the parent. For recurring and/or severe behavior problems, parent/s must meet with the caregiver to discuss the problem and possible solutions. Parent/s and the caregiver will sign a form outlining the problem and the steps to be taken in the future. If the behavior problem still cannot be resolved, other actions can be taken or the child may be dismissed from the center as decided by the caregiver.
  • Rest Period
    Every child will be given a rest period. A child who does not sleep after 30 minutes and a child who awakens will be able to have quiet time using equipment or activities that will not disturb other children. Children under 5 do not have to sleep, but are encouraged to lie quietly with books or puzzles. Pillows, blankets, comfort item, etc, are permitted during nap time, but must remain in your child's basket at all other times. Please be certain your child's items are all clearly labeled with his/her name. Sleeping items will be sent home at the end of each week for cleaning.
  • Assessments of Progress
    All age groups are assessed informally to ensure that I can plan their curriculum goals and activities to support individualized learning. If further assistance seems to be required I will observe, record and document children’s development, participation and learning for a formal assessment. The assessments are ongoing, systematic and gathered from natural play activities and realistic setting that reflects children’s actual performance. The assessment results are used to benefit children by informing sound decisions about children, teaching, and program improvement. When assessments identify concerns, appropriate follow-up, referral or other intervention is used. Our formal assessments are done every 6 months, (6,12,18,24… months). All our assessments are kept in the child’s portfolio, which show the progress in cognitive, language, physical social and emotional areas of development that are consistent with our program curriculum and philosophy. Our families are part of assessment process with regular communication, partnership and involvement.
  • Cleanliness
    We take the well-being of your child very seriously and work hard to provide an environment that is as healthy as possible. We are committed to keeping our home and the children in it as clean as possible, in order to help minimize and/or prevent the spread of germs. Our home is kept clean and disinfected at all times. We thoroughly clean surfaces that children come in close contact with using soap and water, or Lysol, etc. The high chairs are cleaned between each use, and the diaper changing tables are cleaned and disinfected between each diaper change. Toys are cleaned and disinfected often, and water-play tables are cleaned and disinfected before being filled with water and carefully supervised when in use. Hand washing is the single most effective practice in preventing the spread of germs. We wash our hands many times throughout the day, as well as the children's hands before and/or after engaging in a thorough list of activities.
  • Meals
    Breakfast is scheduled for 8:30 am and includes a fruit, grain, and dairy. Lunch is scheduled for 11:30 and includes a fruit, vegetable, protein, grain, and dairy. On days when lunch will be pushed back (usually due to a field trip or outing) and AM snack will also be provided at 10:00 am. PM snack is provided after nap/rest time and includes a fruit/vegetable, grain, and dairy.
  • Supplies Needed from Parents
    Parents are responsible for supplying the following items: diapers/pull-ups wipes diaper creams tooth brush weather appropriate clothes and a couple change of clothes jacket shoes for indoor use that lace-up or Velcro and/or stay on feet (no flip-flops please) pacifier (if needed) sunscreen bug spray swimsuit a blanket, and (if wanted) a pillow There is a good possibility your child will get dirty throughout the day because of food, paint, markers, dirt, bubbles, potty accidents, diaper blowouts, etc. So please dress your child accordingly for play. Wet, dirty, and soiled clothes will be put in a plastic bag in your child’s locker to be taken home and cleaned. We are not responsible for replacing stained or soiled clothing. We suggest that you write your child's name on the tags of their clothing (especially socks and underwear) in order to prevent any clothing mix-ups. Note: Please periodically check your child's shelf/cubby to make sure they still have all their necessary items needed at daycare. Furthermore, as the weather changes throughout the year, so do your child's items needed at daycare. We greatly appreciate your adherence to this subject, as it helps ours and the children's day run more smoothly to have all his or her necessary belongings with them at daycare. This way we can care for your child in the best possible way.
  • Authorizations
    By enrolling your child at our program, you are granting permission for your child to; Be photographed or videotaped in daily program activities, and have these images displayed in the center, in social media, in advertisements and promotional materials, and in news stories. Our preschoolers utilize as a component of our curriculum. (You may request in writing that your child be excluded from computer use.) I use an application called BrightWheel in order to correspond with parents on their child’s daily activities. The app is available for free download through the Apple and Google Play stores. Your child’s code will be provided to you after registration fees are paid.
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