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Our Daily Schedule









Arrival & Discovery Stations

Morning Yoga

Breakfast, Brushing Teeth

Circle Time

Fine Motor Activity

Discovery Stations

Outside or Gross Motor

Singing & Dancing









Lunch, Brusthing Teeth

Sleepy Time Yoga & Story

Rest Period

Snack, Brushing Teeth

STEM Activity

Arts and Crafts

Outside or Gross Motor

Discovery Stations & Dismissal

Freedom of Discovery Education


At CCP, we believe that children learn by exploring the world around them. Our program offers a safe and inviting environment that encourage children question and seek answers. We emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Our program provides a blend of child-led play and teacher-guided lesson plans. 

Play-Based Learning

Yes- we play, we get messy, and we get silly. Research has shown again and again that young children learn best through play.

When we do crafts; we are learning about mixing colors, different textures, creativity, abstract thinking.

When we play with playdough; we are strengthening our hand muscles- getting ready to hold a pencil and fine tuning writing skills.

When we play house; we are learning to care for another, to be a mother, a father.

When we play dress up; we are learning about our community members, to dress ourselves, to tie laces, and use buttons and zippers.

When we play in sand and water; we are measuring, sifting, digging, pouring- this is science. this is math.

When we play blocks; we are learning structuring, building, solving problems.

When we play kitchen; we are learning healthy food choices, counting money, sorting food groups, and kitchen hygiene.

When we play outside; we are exploring, developing coordination, enhancing fine and gross motor skills, making choices, taking turns.

When we sing silly songs; we are building our vocabulary base, learning rhythm and rhyme, and social skills.

Lesson Plans

Each new day is a new opportunity to learn. Along with free play we do follow a lesson plan that incorporates many aspects of education.



Hands-on, innovative projects that stimulate and intrigue their young minds.

Instead of simply lecturing, I guide students by helping make sense of course materials,

encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources

outside of the classroom. Students will get to apply their problem solving and critical thinking skills

within a challenging learning environment that requires active participation.



Language is developed and tones within every milestone.

Infants learn sign-language and learn from imitating sounds and sing-a-longs.

The toddlers and preschoolers continue to build their vocabulary bank with new

exciting books, words of the weeks, singing, and pretend play.



Children naturally love music. In early childhood music development children

learn that their movements and actions can communicate messages. 

Singing and rhymes can make transactions easier, smoother, and more enjoyable for some kids.


Young children feel a sense of pride when completing their work of art.

Here we focus on the process rather than the end product. Children explore their

environments finding new and innovative everyday objects that they can turn into masterpieces. 

Small group activities also help children practice important social skills

like taking turns, sharing, and negotiating for materials.



Children learn best by exploring all their senses. Play dough, finger painting,

planting a flower, puzzles and more... help children explore the world around them and

develop new vocabulary. Here we practice stacking blocks, threading cards, tying shoes, measuring and mixing.



While participating in gross motor and movement activities children learn to participate in a group,

social skills, express emotions, awareness of movement and body positions, and

improving their balance and coordination skills.

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